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Authenticity is the essence of leadership

It has been truly an honor to participate in the congress of National Geographic Mentes Brillantes on 27 April. This event brings together thinkers on education, management, science, and technology to share the most current thinking and experiences in Madrid at the Circo Price Theater.

MB con Anxo y Miguel Angel TobiasIt was a pleasure to share stage with Anxo Perez, best-selling author of “88 Peldaños del Exito,” Miguel Angel Tobias, creator of “Españoles por el Mundo,” and Daniel Abreu, founder of ThinkingHeads, among others. Brilliant minds that shared inspirational stories of life and work.

The challenge was to summarize Yours Truly leadership in just 15 minutes, but here are the key points:

  • You don´t need to create a character to be a successful leader. Leadership beings with yourself.
  • Authenticity is the essence of leadership.
  • People demand leaders to be authentic: knowing their strengths and limitations, being consistent with their values, and behaving in accord to a moral code.
  • The trust gap between leaders and followers is widening – the credibility of leadership is in crisis.
  • Leaders are over-glorified, we need a revolution of leadership –no more superheroes.
  • Develop your own leadership style –Be yourself, not a copy of others.
  • The 3 Hs of Authentic Leadership –Heart/Habit/Harmony- can help you develop your authenticity and break 3 myths.
  • Heart –Be yourself… with passion but humility.
  • Habit –Be yourself… but learn and improve every day.
  • Harmony –Be yourself… but care about others´ wellbeing.
  • Test your authenticity – take the quiz.

Remember, to become an authentic leader you don´t need to fall into the mentality of a super-hero. Instead, shift to the mind-set of unsung heroes.

Thank you to everyone who came out for my book signing and discussion on at El Corte Inglés stand.

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