Named one of the world´s 30 most influential management thinkers to watch in 2017 by Thinkers 50, Margarita Mayo is a leading expert on developing authentic leadership, collaboration, innovation and change.

Margarita´s keynote speaking audiences include ArcelorMittal, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, Gonvarri, Spain´s Nuclear Security Council, Human Resources Associations, Cambridge University and the Fulbright Institute.

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Recent Talks


Margarita speaks on topics related to authenticity, leadership, change, innovation, team-building, talent and personal development, and life-work balance.

Authenticity is in high demand nowadays. Yet, it is surprising how little we know on this timely topic. Her talks are the distillation of her practical insights into the phenomena of authentic leadership based on over 20 years of research.

Delivered in a dynamically way to motivate and energize your audience, you will  be surprised by original statistics and counterintuitive answers, compelling stories, colourful anecdotes, and current examples.

The 3Hs of Authentic Leadership

People trust executives who they see as authentic and in touch with his or her inner values. But how can leaders become and remain authentic?

These are my 3Hs of Authentic Leadership. In this presentation, I explain how to build authentic power by finding your passion, leading by example and pursing virtue and solidarity.

Authentic leaders do the following:

  1. Follow their Heart
  2. Make learning a Habit
  3. Find Harmony between themselves and others

Truly Authentic Transformations

Change is the only constant in life: How do you strive for success, excellence and constant renewal in your team and organization, while remaining true to yourself?

In this presentation, I share a practical framework of how effective leaders pave the way to authentic transformations to mobilize, move and maintain change. They build credibility, empower others and have long lasting impact.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Pioneers explore the next frontier of life and work. Find out how Yours Truly Leadership can help grow your business.

Drawing on a host of inspirational examples from executives of multinational corporations to start-up founders, I illustrate the best entrepreneurial leadership and management practices such as a growth mind-set and resilience.

Your True Renewal

Most people strive for happiness in work and life. While some thrive after adversity, others fall behind. What are the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to grow and be true to their best self?

In this presentation, I explain how to design a plan for an authentic personal transformation, a New You, that builds mental toughness and voices


I was super impressed by her presence on the stage, fantastic presentation and messages she delivered to the audience. One of her message –heart, habit and harmony – the three Hs of authentic leadership, has become one of the most shared quotes in the social media during the event.

Mariya Peeva EMEA Inclusion and Diversity Lead, Hewlet Packart

It was a pleasure to have Margarita Mayo at the annual Future of Work conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. She gave practical insights to an audience of 600 HRs and managers, and her charisma and valuable food for thought contributed to the positive feedback from the event.

Economedia, October 2017