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I have spent the last 20 years researching the emergence and development of new approaches to leadership. Yours Truly is the distillation of my practical insights into the phenomena of authentic leadership.

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What is authentic leadership?

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The Mayo Authenticity Global Index (MAGI) is an overall measure of your authenticity in these three areas: emotional, behavioral and social.

The Authenticity Quiz measures skills and attitudes which may be group into three categories that differ in their scope.

  • Emotional Authenticity: Authentic people feel and active the passion in their heart and those of their followers.
  • Behavioral Authenticity: Authentic people learn and consolidate new habits by fostering an optimistic outlook and staying in control of their destiny.
  • Social Authenticity: Authentic people live in harmony with others and build contexts for them to develop and shine.

This is a practical toolbox for anyone with a desire to become and remain authentic in leadership and life. If you want to develop and harness your authentic power, understanding the emotional, behavioral and social aspects of authenticity is key.

Your answers to the Quiz gives you an overall MAGI score of Authenticity.

  • HIGH SCORERS on MAGI cultivate their passions with a balanced view of their strengths and weaknesses rooted in their life story. They learn and experiment with their possible selves. And their positive impact is enduring because they build contexts and advance social goals that thrive after they are gone.
  • LOW SCORES on MAGI feel alienated from themselves, have a fixed-mindset with an external locus of control and show little concern for others´ feelings.

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