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Representing IE Business School, I was invited to the 19th World Knowledge Forum in Seoul (South Korea), from October 10 to 12. This Forum is considered the “Davos” of Asia where global leaders exchange ideas and points of view to tackle today´s most pressing challenges. In previous years, political leaders such as Hillary Clinton or Francois Hollande made stage appearance.

After a 13-hour flight, I arrived to Seoul international airport heading to the Jangchung Arena at the Shilla Seoul. The Gala Dinner opened with a great show that made honor to this year topic “Collective Intelligence: Overcoming Global Pandemonium.” I met Terry Martin, Senior Anchor at Deutche Welle News, whose passion for both news and research helps close the gap between knowledge and action.

The following morning, I took the stage to share some of the ideas in my book Yours Truly about how authentic leaders contribute to create collective intelligence. The 3 Hs of authentic leadership in action. In short, authentic leaders inspire others to achieve their dreams; instill a growth mentality; and develop future-proof workplaces. Thanks to the participants for their interest. In particular, my appreciation to the Vinegroup for their invitation to visit their company.

I was also invited to a Senior Women Network Luncheon hosted by Mrs. Chung where I met an incredible group of talented and professional women. Kim OkHee, the President of Appletreetales, a Korean publishing company; Carmen Simon, a cognitive neuroscientist teaching at Stanford; Nguyen Thi Thuy Binh, Vice President of Vietjet Air, whose company won the Best Entrepreneurial award; and Haeryun Kim, Chairman of Songwon Group, among others.

The event was sponsored by the Maeil Business Newspaper. I had an interview with their research journalist about my studies on leadership.

I met Marcus Engelgerger, a Creativity Enabler, whose graphic design is a great summary of the event.

Coinciding with the National Day of Spain, I could not have ended my visit better than with the IE Team celebrating the cultural mix at the Spanish Embassy in Seoul.

IE Team with Spanish Ambassador in Korea D. Gonzalo Ortiz.

IE Team with Spanish Ambassador in Korea D. Gonzalo Ortiz.