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Rakesh Aggarwal left India for Australia. He saw a business opportunity to rescue a milk powder factory. It was a grand vision but with its share of challenges. First, the financial crisis, then a fire damaged a section of the factory. How did he cope? He developed trusting relationships with all stakeholders. He managed to redefine priorities and adapt. Since then, Lonwarry has received many awards and it is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.

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Margarita Mayo

I´m Margarita Mayo. I´ve been a Professor of Leadership and Psychology at IE Business School since 2000. Prior to that I was a Fulbright scholar at Harvard University and professor at Ivey Business School. I feel passionate about scientific dissemination, and I have more than 20 years of international experience teaching courses on soft skills, giving keynote conferences and coaching executives on leadership development and change management. Always eager to help develop the next generation of leaders.

Become the Best Version Yourself Grow as a LeaderLive your Best Life

Keynote Speaking

Delivered in a dynamically way to motivate your audience. A mixed of surprising statistics, counterintuitive answers, scientific insights, practical tools, and compelling stories. 1 hour event

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Executive Education

Grow your company talent with a participative training course in Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence to develop authentic leadership, build high performing teams, and manage change. Half-day event

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Discover your personality and become the best version of yourself with a one-to-one or team coaching based on scientific methods to growth and increase your impact as a leader. 3 to 6 months

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