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#HABITS: Best January Tweets

By 27 January, 2017January 25th, 2018No Comments

Takeaways from the best #Habits January Tweets support the idea that creating new habits is one way to authenticity. Our habits make us:


  • Get organized. Geniuses set a “clear dividing line between important and busy work”, observed Sarah Green. Stay focus and appreciate the here and now. Saying no and practicing assertiveness help you to focus on your new habit.


  • Set realistic goals and monitor progress daily or weekly if you want continuous learning to become a habit. Focus on your objectives and channel the distractions.


  • Seek social support. Develop a learning community and stay away from toxic people who erode your dreams. Geniuses have limited social activities and choose to live in relative isolation with a supportive partner.


  • Be willing to learn new skills and allow yourself to make mistakes. It will not only increase your productivity but also your self-esteem and life satisfaction.


  • To create a new habit, make small adjustments and slipp the new into your existing routines, says Fogg, a psychologist at Stanford university. Small and easy changes are the key to success in creating new habits. Follow the Tiny habits program.

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